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For repairs that must be done in our shop . . .

Repair shop

One reason homeowners love built-in vacuum systems is their strong service record. The expected life of a built-in vacuum power unit, from any manufacturer, is typically 15 years or more! However, like anything built and used by people, things can happen that cause service to be necessary. Crown Vacuum has a complete repair shop stocked with parts and supplies for all makes and manufacturers, and staffed with factory-trained technicians to perform any repairs that are necessary for your built-in vacuum systems. We also service and repair all portable floor care appliances, such as vacuums, shop vacs and floor scrubbers, as well as sewing machines.


Some service for built-in music/communication systems can be done in our shop, such as diagnosing problems or minor repairs. The majority of repairs to music/intercom master units must be done by the manufacturer at their factory. As a factory-authorized warranty support station for Music & Sound Systems, Crown Company will diagnose your system problems and handle shipping the unit back to the manufacturer for you. (All costs incurred in shipping and handling are not covered by the factory warranty and are the responsibility of the owner.)

All repair work is done on a time and material basis, and is guaranteed:

No service or repairs proceed until authorization is received from the owner. We are happy to check your unit and provide an estimate of repair costs in advance, at no charge.

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