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Residential Built-in Systems Installation

Consider our menu of options . . .

With our solid record as an experienced, full-service built-in system contractor, we serve the residential market with HomeShow a complete range of service and support options for built-in vacuum system and music/intercom system installations:

Installations in Existing Homes

Many people are surprised to discover that built-in systems can be installed not only in new homes but in existing homes as well! The main pre-requisite for an existing home installation is attic access or crawl space; this enables installation with no need to remove any walls or make major modifications to the existing structure. Most single-story homes meet this requirement. Some multi-story or multi-level homes can also be retrofit, but an on-site visit by one of our installers is necessary to assess the site and make an accurate estimate. Of course, any existing home that is undergoing an extensive remodeling project can easily be retrofit with a built-in system. Please contact us for a no-cost estimate.

Relationships: the Key to Success


You can be assured that after a half-century of doing business, we know the value of building relationships. We are proud of the fact that many of our customers are repeat business: as families grow and change homes, they come back to Crown for a built-in vacuum and music/intercom installation with each new home. Our residential customer base includes builders of subdivisions and custom homes, home owners acting as their own contractor in construction of their home, architects, and remodelers, both the DIY homeowner and professional remodelers. As your chosen vendor for built-in systems, we will work with you to develop a relationship that suits your needs, selecting from our menu of options in installation and marketing services.

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