Service Calls

For repairs that must be done on-site . . .

Service desk

Some repairs and system service for built-in systems must be done on site. Our service desk is staffed with personnel experienced in installation, service and repair of built-in systems. We can help you diagnose and troubleshoot a problem to determine when an on-site service call is necessary.

Contact our Service Desk at 602.258.1223 to get service assistance or to schedule an on-site service call.


A trip charge of $57.50 is automatically assessed for all requested visits by a service truck to a residence or business. Time and materials charges for repair work are in addition to the service call, at the rate of $45.00 per hour. Payment for service calls to a residence or business are due and payable at completion of the call. No work is begun unless prior approval is received by the home or business owner.

Installation Warranty Support: Crown Company warranties the installation and operation of all built-in systems for one year from the date of final completion. If a service call to the job site is necessary to check the installation of a system more than thirty days after final completion, a trip charge will be assessed and is the responsibility of the buyer. Within the warranty time period, if a problem requiring a service call is found to be the result of how a system was installed, no trip charge will be assessed.

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